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Work in progress

How to model thick thermo-poro-elastic inclusions

C. Benussi, M.E. Belardinelli and M. Nespoli

DOI 10.4430/bgo00429

Sustainable retrofits on reinforced concrete infrastructures

V. Borghese, C.P. Contiguglia, D. Lavorato, S. Santini, B. Briseghella and C. Nuti

DOI 10.4430/bgo00436

The VISUS methodology for the multi-hazard safety assessment of learning facilities: ten years of applications under UNESCO coordination

S. Grimaz and P. Malisan

DOI 10.4430/bgo00430

Integrated GPR attribute analysis for improved thermal structure characterisation of polythermal glaciers

P. Gutgesell and E. Forte

DOI 10.4430/bgo00439

The fine structure of seismic emissions from the Nirano mud volcanoes (northern Apennines, Italy): a phenomenological study

A. Brindisi, N. Carfagna, E. Paolucci, M. Salleolini and D. Albarello

DOI 10.4430/bgo00437

A Bayesian approach to elastic full-waveform inversion: application to two synthetic near surface models

S. Berti, M. Aleardi and E. Stucchi

DOI 10.4430/bgo00442

2D sharp boundary inversion to determine tectonic and geological features of geothermal fields through the magnetotelluric method: case study of the Mahallat reservoir in Iran

S.H. Hosseini, B. Oskooi, S. Ghanbarifar, S.M. Ghiasi, M. Abedi and M.Y. Smirnov

DOI 10.4430/bgo00446

A dynamic window-based Euler depth estimation algorithm for potential field geophysical data

S. Ghanbarifar, S.H. Hosseini, M. Abedi and A. Afshar

DOI 10.4430/bgo00440

Seismic inversion based on ANN: an advanced approach towards porosity model construction in the Algerian Saharan petroleum field

S. Eladj, M.Z. Doghmane, M.K. Benabid, L. Aliouane, K.F. Tee and B. Nabawy

DOI 10.4430/bgo00445

Automatic fault tracking from 3D seismic data using the 2D Continuous Wavelet Transform combined with a Convolutional Neural Network

S.A. Ouadfeul and L. Aliouane

DOI 10.4430/bgo00451