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Radiation from a vertical electric dipole above an inhomogeneous soil plane over the Earth

T. Mosayebidorcheh, F. Hosseinibalam and S. Hassanzadeh


Despite the great work on the propagation of vertical electrical dipole (VED), the effect of inhomogeneous soil texture on VED electromagnetic radiation above the soil is not understood. Using Fourier integral transform, the equations of the magnetic fi elds for each region is obtained. Also, the electrical permittivity and conductivity variation of soil texture with humidity is extracted. Having humidity dependency of soil to depth, the electrical permittivity and conductivity of soil texture in each depth can be calculated. The maximum changes of the value of integration will be 0.1% by doubling the number of semi-intervals, so the magnetic fi eld is validated. In the cases of clay or sand, the magnetic fi elds inside and above the Earth are the same at the frequency of 1 MHz. But the magnetic fi eld differences for clay and sand inside the Earth at the frequency of 50 MHz are signifi cant. In the distances far from vertical electrical dipole in the air, the magnetic fi elds are the same in different heights because the distances to the points come closer in different heights and high radial distances.