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Calibration of the duration magnitude for the North-Eastern Italy Seismic Network (OX) on the basis of the revised local magnitudes of the Trieste station

D. Sandron, A. Rebez and D. Slejko


The duration magnitudes in the North-Eastern Italy Seismic Network (OX) catalogue have been thoroughly revised. Historically, but also today for homogeneous continuity with the past, this catalogue, released yearly by the National Institute for Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics, provides local magnitudes in terms of duration magnitude (MD). Unfortunately, the earthquake total durations were calibrated on a local Richter magnitude (ML) data set characterized by a demonstrated small bias. In this work, based on a revised and corrected ML catalogue of the Trieste seismological station, computed in accordance with the original Wood Anderson requirements and validated in turn with the available moment magnitude estimates, new linear empirical regressions between ML and earthquake total duration have been performed, aimed at producing a homogeneous catalogue of locations and MD for the eastern Southern Alps.