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The Italian communication campaign "I Do Not Take Risks - Earthquake"

I. Postiglione, A. Masi, M. Mucciarelli, C. Lizza, R. Camassi, V. Bernabei, V. Piacentini, L. Chiauzzi, B. Brugagnoni, A. Cardoni, A. Calcara, M. Di Lludovico, M. Giannelli, Rita, M. La Pietra, F. Bernardini, C. Nostro, M. Pignone and L. Peruzza


"Io Non Rischio - Terremoto (INR-T)" ("I Do Not Take Risks - Earthquake") is an Italian communication campaign created and promoted by the Italian Department of Civil Protection (DPC), the National Association for Public Assistance (ANPAS), the Italian Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), and the Network of the University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering (ReLUIS). The rationale behind the campaign is that preventing or at least reducing the dangers associated with earthquakes is everyone’s interest and duty. Learning how to do so, through an effective diffusion of information on seismic risk, fosters collective and individual responsibility, while encouraging active participation on the part of citizens. The INR-T campaign aims to promote a culture of seismic risk prevention, starting by training volunteers involved in civil protection activities, so that they can effectively and continuously help and encourage the public to take a more active role in seismic risk reduction. This paper describes the INR-T campaign and the activities that have led to an increasing number of involved volunteers and members of the public reached since the first edition (2011), until the fourth edition (2014).