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Between Tevere and Arno. A preliminary revision of seismicity in the Casentino-Sansepolcro (Tuscany, Italy) area

V. Castelli


\"An ill-favoured thing sir, but mine own.�\" (Wm. Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act V, Sc. 4)

According to the current Italian catalogue only a few minor earthquakes are located in the Tuscan portion of the Apennines lying between the seismogenic areas of Mugello (north) and Upper Valtiberina (south) and roughly corresponding to the historical district of Casentino. The existence of a seismic gap in this area has been conjectured but, as there is no definite geological explanation for a lack of energy release, the gap could also be an information one, due either to a lack of sources recording past earthquakes or even to a lack of previous seismological studies specifically dealing with the Casentino. A preliminary historical investigation improves the perception of local seismicity by recovering the memory of a few long-forgotten earthquakes.